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Investigation Education Consultants, Inc. (IEC, Inc.) provides consulting services to educational institutions in the specific career areas of investigation and security. IEC designs collegiate level, turnkey educational courses and programs for colleges and career schools that plan to offer a Professional Investigation or security management certificate or degree, as a specific career path.

The principals of Investigation Educational Consultants, Inc. are experienced professional national trainers and educators specializing in custom designed collegiate level private investigation, security, personal safety and Homeland Security courses. These courses have been created to educate, train and prepare students to enter one of these chosen disciplines.

Programs are written for traditional quarter-system classroom environments but lend themselves easily to distance learning adaptation and/or intense weekend formats.

Four current program formats exist:

1. Nine core courses as a diploma or certificate program.
2. Ten
courses as a specialization.
3. Associate of Science degree program.
4. Bachelor of Science degree in Investigation Management

Specific Performance

IEC, Inc. will aid the college/institute staff in writing accreditation requests to regulatory agencies. IEC, Inc. will also assist in screening, selecting and training faculty in the use of all program instructional materials, methods and techniques.

  • IEC, Inc. will provide the college/institute with custom designed syllabi.

  • IEC, Inc. will provide course outlines and detailed faculty instructional resource manuals for each core course. All texts are identified, and courses are designed around those specific current text resources.

  • IEC, Inc. will assist the college/institute staff in conducting an Open House for recruiting purposes before the beginning of the first class. IEC will bring top named national investigators as speakers.
  • IEC, Inc. will assist the college/institute staff in organizing and producing an on-site job fair prior to graduation/completion of first class.
  • An IEC, Inc. staff representative will be present during the first week of first classes to facilitate and coordinate with the college/institute’s personnel.
  • An IEC, Inc. consultant will be present, on-site (invisible) during program reviews or accreditation visits by regulatory agencies during first program year. IEC, Inc. will be on-sight at critical junctures during the first quarter and periodically during the year.
  • IEC, Inc. will provide one (1) annual program update at no additional charge for the first program year and thereafter at an annual subscription rate.

Admissions / Career Development: IEC, Inc. will aid in:

  • Training Admissions personnel by conducting product knowledge workshop.
  • Training Career Development (Placement) staff.
  • Identifying area resources (PI agencies, PI associations, law firms, law enforcement, security agencies).

Complete implementation of the IEC, Inc. Professional Investigation program from start-up, to first class is approximately one quarter (12 weeks).

Program Options:

Continuing Education Option: IEC, Inc. will provide complete cash-based Continuing Education program package for the client institution, consisting of short-term relevant workshops.

Student Services:

The Surveillance Kit: In order to complete the Surveillance course, students will need photography equipment. IEC, Inc. has created a specially designed “surveillance kit” containing the types of cameras and equipment needed by professional, experienced field investigators. The kit contains a Doskocil case, video camera, 35mm camera, long lens, binoculars and voice actuated tape recorder.

PISA and Interest Groups: Students will participate in their own investigation professional association. The Professional Investigator Student Association (PISA) is created to give students access to community private investigation leaders. Students will serve as officers and committee members of PISA. Further, students often want to focus their attention on one specific area of Investigation Services. IEC, Inc. has created “Interest Groups” which fulfill the curious need of the student for more in-depth exploration of the subject material. Groups are as follows: Surveillance Group, Computer Research Group, Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation Group, Executive Protection Group, Interviewing and Interrogating Group, Weapons and Firearms Group.

The Pin at Graduation: Upon completion of the program, graduates will experience the Investigation Services Pinning Ceremony, at which the graduate will receive a beautiful Professional Investigator lapel pin. Students are encouraged to wear their pins after graduation to investigation functions such as meetings, seminars and conferences. This will allow current graduates to recognize graduates from previous years and aid in the beneficial networking of graduates.

Alumni Association: Graduates maintain a close relationship with the College/Institute and fellow graduates. They participate in activities together that promote the profession. By maintaining a close communication with graduates, the College/Institute benefits from graduates who desire to continue their mainstream education or take professional continuing education courses.

Professional Association Membership: Students will join their local professional association under special membership classification (student or associate). Students will attend the association’s monthly meetings as well as annual educational conferences.

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