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Our Very Good Friends and Professional References:


  1. Warren J Sonne,   Investigator / Author, Sun State Investigation Services, Port St. Lucie, FL 866-295-5770;
  2. Jim Goldman - James D Goldman and Assoc., Weston, FL.  954-384-2477
  3. Katherine (Kitty) Hailey, Author - Code of Professional Conduct, and Private Investigator, Philadelphia, PA – 215-574-8127;
  4. John Lajoie, President of Lajoie Investigations, West Boylston, Ma., Author of Trials and Tribulations of a Real Life Private Eye, 508.835.2211;
  5. Reggie Montgomery, Author/Editor Corporate Investigations; RJ Montgomery and Assoc., New Jersey – 800-327-7394;
  6. Cynthia Hetherington MCS, MSW President of the Hetherington Group, Author of  the; Internet Intelligence Newsletter - 973-616-6456
  7. Jimmie Mesis, Editor in Chief - PI Magazine – 732-308-3800;
  8. Paul Purcell, InfoQuest Investigators, Atlanta, GA – 770-577-7046;
  9. Michelle Weddle, Private Investigator, Ft Lauderdale, FL.  -  954-970-9302
  10. Brandon Perron, Criminal Defense Investigator - Training Council - Author of Uncovering Reasonable Doubt, 800-465-5233;
  11. Fred Ritz, President, United States Association of Professional Investigators, Washington, DC, 202.393.5900;
  12. Mark Murnan, CFE, CLI Complete Legal Investigation, Host of Weekly Radio Show, Palm Beach County - 561-845-1150;
  13. William (Bill) Vincent - Pres., VTS Investigations, Chicago IL.  312-553-4464;
  14. Tim O'Rourke, Critical Intervention Services & S2 Institute, Clear water FL. 800-247-6055;
  15. Thomas L. Brooks, Legal Investigator; Gunster Yoakley & Stuart, P.A., West Palm Beach FL. 561-650-0501;


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