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IEC is currently affiliated with S2 Online.  The following courses are taught by IEC princepal Rory McMahon.

IN110-DL: Legal Aspects of Private Investigations (8 Hours)
For most new and experienced private investigators, critical mistakes are rarely the result of poor investigative skills and techniques. Rather, in many instances, the most critical mistakes result by failing to fully understand the law as it relates to case matters and the lawful conduct of investigations.

In this 8-hour distance learning course, expert private investigators and authors Rory McMahon and Ron Azzarello explore the various dimensions of law and private investigations and shed light on many issues of criminal and civil law that have been historically problematic for private investigators.
Topics include:

Civil and Criminal Liability • Common Legal Issues Private Investigations • Law Enforcement Notification Requirement • Law and Policy on Records Restrictions • Principles of Evidence Collection, Analysis, and Presentation • Court Procedure • Court Preparation • Witnesses and the Court • The Investigator as Witness
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IN111-DL: Sources of Information for Private Investigators (7 Hours)
In this seven-hour distance learning course, veteran private investigator and author Rory McMahon surveys the wide range of information sources available to private investigators and various methods for accessing information in addition to critical guidance on issues such as case management and planning, structuring background investigations, due diligence investigations, unique approaches to locating missing people, and more.

Topics include:

Records and Documents • State and Municipal Sources of Information • Federal Sources • Utilities • Private Organizations • Public Records • The Internet • Laws and Administrative Rules Regarding Personal Records and Privacy • Skip Tracing Techniques • Pre-Employment Screening • Due Diligence Investigations
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IN112-DL: Interviewing Techniques and Truth Verification (7 Hours)
In this five-hour distance learning course, veteran PI and author Rory McMahon explores the art of interviewing and various strategies and techniques for conducting successful interviews in support of investigations. In addition to techniques for conducting interviews and recording statements, this course also provides guidelines for documenting interviews and report writing.

Topics include:

The Communication Process and The Art of Listening • Preparation for Interviews • Interviewing Strategies & Guidelines • Reading Body Language • Interrogation Technique • Documentation • Report Writing
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IN302-DL: Ethics and Private Investigations (2 Hours)
In this two-hour distance learning course, veteran private investigator Rory McMahon discusses the ethical dimensions of private investigations and provides advice for establishing good ethical practices in business and professional activites.

Topics include:

Confidentiality & Privacy • Reporting • Investigative Ethics • Business Conduct • Competitors Treatment • Legal Issues • Compensation • Client Relations • Agency Policy
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