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These are the textbooks for our Professional Investigation program. We highly recommend these works and the authors who created them.  Further, PI Magazine is a “must read” for every investigator.

  1. Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, 3nd edition (2013) – CRC press – Rory McMahon.
  2. Fraud Investigation, (2008) – Rory McMahon
  3. Criminal Investigation for the Professional Investigator - CRC press - Warren J. Sonne
  4. Code of Professional Conduct – Lawyers & Judges Publishing Co. – Kitty Hailey
  5. Advanced Criminal Defense Investigation – Paul Ciolino and Grace Castle
  6. Uncovering Reasonable Doubt – Brandon Perron
  7. Corporate Investigation 2nd Edition – Reggie Montgomery
  8. Undercover Investigation in the Workplace – Eugene Ferraro
  9. Successful Personal Injury Investigation – Frank Ritter
  10. Interview & Interrogation – Wicklander-Zulawski
  11. Trials &Tribulations of a Real Life Private Eye - John Lajoie
  12. You Can Find Anyone – Joe Culligan.
  13. Financial Investigation and Forensic Accounting
    2nd edition - CRC Press, George A. Manning, Ph.D, CFE.

  14. Introduction to Criminal Justice – Patrick Anderson and Donald Newman.
  15. Business Background Investigations - Cynthia Hetherington
  16. The Manual to Online Public Records by Cynthia Hetherington
  17. Advanced Frensic Civil Investigations - Paul Ciolino and Grace Castle
  18. The Professional Investigator Writers Club Press 2008 - Kitty Hailey
  19. The Case File - Paul Purcell - Infoquest - Atlanta GA

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