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Investigation Education Consultants, Inc. (IEC, Inc.)   Designs collegiate level, turnkey educational courses and programs for colleges and career schools that plan to offer a Professional Investigation or security management certificate or degree, as a specific career path.

The principals of Investigation Educational Consultants, Inc. are experienced professional national trainers and educators specializing in custom designed collegiate level private investigation, security, personal safety and Homeland Security courses. These courses have been created to educate, train and prepare students to enter one of these chosen disciplines.

Programs are written for traditional quarter-system classroom environments but lend themselves easily to distance learning adaptation and/or intense weekend formats.

Four current program formats exist:

1. Nine core courses as a diploma or certificate program.
2. Ten
courses as a specialization.
3. Associate of Science degree program.
4. Bachelor of Science degree in Investigation Management

Specific Performance

IEC, Inc. will aid the college/institute staff in writing accreditation requests to regulatory agencies. IEC, Inc. will also assist in screening, selecting and training faculty in the use of all program instructional materials, methods and techniques.

  • IEC, Inc. will provide the college/institute with custom designed syllabi.

  • IEC, Inc. will provide course outlines and detailed faculty instructional resource manuals for each core course. All texts are identified, and courses are designed around those specific current text resources.

Admissions / Career Development: IEC, Inc. will aid in:

  • Training Admissions personnel by conducting product knowledge workshop.
  • Training Career Development (Placement) staff.
  • Identifying area resources (PI agencies, PI associations, law firms, law enforcement, security agencies).

Complete implementation of the IEC, Inc. Professional Investigation program from start-up, to first class is approximately one quarter (12 weeks).


IEC Courseware

IEC100 Foundations of Professional Investigation
Foundations of Professional Investigation is designed as an overview of this program’s core courses. In this foundational course, the student will learn how to organize a case file assignment, understand the basic structure of civil investigation and implement the appropriate type of investigation. Students are provided with detailed examination of investigative subjects, including ethics, background investigations, legal investigations, public and private records research, interviewing, report writing, surveillance, locating people, and legal investigative techniques.

IEC 102 Sources of Information
Students will learn the wide range of information sources available to investigators and various methods for accessing information in addition to critical guidance on issues such as case management and planning and structuring background and Due Diligence Investigations, as well as unique approaches to locating missing persons.

IEC105 Practical Skip Tracing
This course prepares the student to perform the steps in locating missing persons or those who have skipped from a geographic area in an attempt to disappear. Locating people is one of the most basic investigative skills. The student will learn to follow steps in an orderly way to master the skill of skip tracing.

IEC107 Interviewing Techniques and Statement
This is an in-depth exercise in the proper methods of conducting interviews of suspects, witnesses and victims. Students will learn and practice techniques to carry out a successful interview. The Art of Interviewing and various strategies and techniques in support of investigations will be explored.

IEC116 Covert Surveillance
In this course, students will survey the strategies, tactics and technology available for use in conducting surveillance operations for investigators. Legal issues, teamwork and report writing will also be discussed.surveillance technique and technology, considerable attention is also devoted to important parallel topics such as legal issues, teamwork, report writing, and more.

IEC122 Legal Investigations
Students will become conversant with the subject of law as it applies to private, civil investigations. A basic understanding of the legal process and Court systems is a necessity. The student will learn how to conduct both Civil Plaintiff and Civil Defense investigations.

IEC138 Insurance Investigation
Student will learn the insurance concept and legal contract. The student will study the types of insurance and how they protect the policyholder. The student will receive an overview of insurance claim law.
The student will learn how to conduct various Insurance and Claims related investigations.

IEC141 Fraud Investigation
This course is an in-depth study of the recognition, preparation and investigation of numerous common forms of fraudulent activity. The student will learn how to conduct various types of fraud investigations.
IEC Courses

IEC148 Criminal Investigation
This is a course in criminal investigation methodology. The student will review and understand law enforcement investigations of homicide, suicide, wrongful death, child and spousal abuse, and sexual assault. The student will also learn how to conduct criminal defense investigations working with Attorneys.

IEC362 Investigation Management
This course trains the student in the methodologies of agency business ownership, management, promotion and marketing.

IEC364 Ethics and Private Investigation

Students will learn the ethical dimensions of investigations and provided with good ethical practices and guidelines that will help them in their business and professional investigations, as well as running a successful and profitable agency.

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